Local and State Referendum Elections

June 13, 2017

Cole Memorial Building


 Election Results:

State Referendum Question 1

Yes   48

No    51

Selectmen : June Grey

School Board: Rowena Clukey &  Douglas Theriault


Town Meeting

June 19, 2017  7pm

Cole Memorial Building



School Budget Vote

Date: June 29, 2017  12pm - 5pm



Stored Solar (Covanta) is now taking brush (brush only please)



Tranfer Station

now open on


9am to 5pm

Wednesday & Saturday




at Town Office & Transfer Station

Large 10 for  $5.00

Small 10 for $3.50

STARTING DATE:  DECEMBER  3, 2016   Saturday



Town Report & Property maps

are now on our web site!

Look under  "about our town"




It is important to have your house numbers visible so emergency personnel can see it.

Signs start at $6.00

Stop by or call the Town Office for details.




For roadside pick-up all garbage needs to be in Town Bags in a covered container. Garbage left in bags creates an extra job for public works.

Rcycling is picked up on 1st and 3rd mondays



Enfield Town Office

789 Hammett Road

Enfield, ME  04493-0429

To email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(207) 732-4270

Fax (207) 732-5335


Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday - 7 am to 5 pm.

Phone Numbers:

Animal Control  794-5413

Wildlife Problems 941-4440

Ambulance/Fire 911

Code Enforcement 732-4270

Time Warner Cable

Maine Senate 1-800-423-6900

Maine House of Representatives 1-800-423-2900

State DOT (Enfield) 732-3304


June Grey

Richard Smart

Cathy Hazelton

Fire Chief:

Dewayne Lane 290-5226

Fire Wardens:

Fire Permits are

        available at Town Office