Nomination Papers will be avaiable on March 5, 2018

at the Town Office for the following positions:

1 Selectperson - 3 year term

2 School Board Members - 3 year terms


All dogs are to be licensed by

January 31, 2018

to avoid a late fee of $25.00


Commodity Supplemental Food Program

by The Eastern Agency on Aging

The Enfield Town Office is now a pick-up location

on the 2nd Tuesday of every month

This is for Seniors age 60 and older.

Forms available at Town Office

Come Apply



Stored Solar (Covanta) is now taking brush (brush only please)



Tranfer Station


8am to 4pm

Wednesday & Saturday




at Town Office & Transfer Station

Large 10 for  $5.00

Small 10 for $3.50

STARTING DATE:  DECEMBER  3, 2016   Saturday



Town Report & Property maps

are now on our web site!

Look under  "about our town"




It is important to have your house numbers visible so emergency personnel can see it.

Signs start at $6.00

Stop by or call the Town Office for details.




For roadside pick-up all garbage needs to be in Town Bags in a covered container. Garbage left in bags creates an extra job for public works.

Rcycling is picked up on 1st and 3rd mondays


Minutes of meetings will be published here.

Selectmen Meeting Minutes

Monday: November 24, 2014

Present: J Grey, R Shorey, T Thurlow, C. DeBeck

Meeting called to order

Motion by R Shorey seconded by R Smart to accept minutes of  the November 10, 2014 meeting.


Motion by R Smart seconded by R Shorey to accept warrents  through November 17, 2014.



Manager Informational and Action Items:


    Garage Doors: Repair work on doors completed.


    Morgan Stanley: Ongoing at the moment.


   Generator: Selectmen asked to inquire for an estimate to buy and install at town office and garage two generators.


   Selectmen signed an abatement request for Michael and Elizabeth Bickford who lost their home to a fire.


  Public Works Overtime:  Selectmen Roland Shorey told the board he disagrees with the town personal policy concerning overtime for plowing.  The crew should go home after they are down plowing thereby not accruing any overtime.  Manager thinks the crew should get overtime for plowing if they are out after the normal hours of work.  The overtime would occur after 40 hours had accrued.. Board asked for personal policy to review at the next meeting.


   Fuel for trucks: Looking into other sources for fuel.


   Manager explained that meeting with Public Works personal will be occuring on monday mornings at 8:00am, to go over the weeks agenda.


  Meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM


  Meeting called back to order at 4;40pm to discuss the condition of the 1999 Sterling plow truck. The truck is still in need of many repairs. The Manager suggested the Board look into bidding out West Enfield portion of the town for plowing next year.  This will be an ongoing discussion until a decision is made.  The Manager sees  substantial savings to the town while still giving good service to the residents of the town.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM