Nomination Papers will be avaiable on March 5, 2018

at the Town Office for the following positions:

1 Selectperson - 3 year term

2 School Board Members - 3 year terms


All dogs are to be licensed by

January 31, 2018

to avoid a late fee of $25.00


Commodity Supplemental Food Program

by The Eastern Agency on Aging

The Enfield Town Office is now a pick-up location

on the 2nd Tuesday of every month

This is for Seniors age 60 and older.

Forms available at Town Office

Come Apply



Stored Solar (Covanta) is now taking brush (brush only please)



Tranfer Station


8am to 4pm

Wednesday & Saturday




at Town Office & Transfer Station

Large 10 for  $5.00

Small 10 for $3.50

STARTING DATE:  DECEMBER  3, 2016   Saturday



Town Report & Property maps

are now on our web site!

Look under  "about our town"




It is important to have your house numbers visible so emergency personnel can see it.

Signs start at $6.00

Stop by or call the Town Office for details.




For roadside pick-up all garbage needs to be in Town Bags in a covered container. Garbage left in bags creates an extra job for public works.

Rcycling is picked up on 1st and 3rd mondays



Enfield Transfer Station

Summer Hours: Wednesday and Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Winter Hours: 8 am to 4 pm.

( Times change on the Wednesday after Daylight savings time changes)

Dump stickers  (available at the town office) are required, no exceptions

Stickers are to be displayed on vehicle

No salvage of any transfer site material permitted

All trash must be in town bags availible at town office and transfer station.


Trash Pickup


Recycled trash - 1st and 3rd Monday of month

Place of opposite side of driveway from trash

All rubbish must be in a covered container.

Holidays with no garbage pickup: July 4, Christmas, Memorial Day & Labor Day


Tires & Demolition Debris

Prepay for tire & demolition disposal and receive receipt

At the Town Office, inform staff

A. What are you disposing

B. Where it came from

C. What size loads

D. Present a receipt to attendant

E. Fee schedule follows:

Truck Tires/ Heavy Equipment $10.00 per tire

Demolition Debris/Shingles: Cars $3.00 load

Small van-wagon $5.00 load

Pickup/utility trailer 6x8 or smaller $15.00 load

1 ton truck $25.00 load

Any larger vehicle or trailer $100.00 load


All rubbish has to be in a covered container. Rubbish left in bags creates an extra job for Public Works and adds extra costs for disposal of trash. All trash must be generated in Enfield.